About Us

Necessity is the "motherhood" of invention. 

We started our company in response to a critical skin condition that Arianne's son had when he was born. We have been seeking better solutions ever since. It was imperative to find alternate solutions to reduce the toxins many of the lotions and medicines contained as well as finding a life-long solution for his overall skin health.  

During this time we tossed around product ideas. Both mothers of young sons with growing concerns of what their families were eating and what was in the products they used every day. They learned more about environmental toxins, GMOs, and chemicals used in just about every product. Going back to their small town roots; go organic, by local whenever possible and read labels on everything, they started removing the chemical saturated household products from their homes and replacing them with every day common, natural products; vinegar, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, fresh lemon, black tea and more.

Our desire to provide healthier options for our children created a perfect solution. 

Earth's Farmacy is a product line created by Green Element Wellness, Inc. to provide a green and organic body line that everyone can use. This company is owned Tara Raj and Arianne Ortiz. Raised in a small town that cared about the environment and the community, it only made sense to take skin wellness back to the basics. From the Earth!

All products contain organic, plant base, all natural and chemical free elements. Each of our bath and body goodies is homemade and infused with essential oils that have therapeutic benefits.

We make each bath and body goody with care and consideration for the body and the environment. Earth's Farmacy's body goodies are organic, plant base and all natural. We seek out the best local products when possible and use recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging.

All of our products are pet friendly and many of them can be used directly on your furry family members.

Our Vision

Our goal is to build a wellness company that continues to create organic body goodies and goes beyond skin deep to helping people obtain optimal wellness in all areas of life.

Our Location

Earth's Farmacy

Wesley Chapel,

Wesley Chapel, North Carolina 28104

Phone. 704.218.9557

Email. earthsfarmacy@greenelementwellness.com

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