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Organic Body Butters 9 oz

Our handmade butter blends are enriched with vitamin A which aids in damaged skin repair while enhancing skin nutrients and moisturizes dry and irritated skin. We use organic plant oils, essential oils blends, local honey and bees wax.

Organic Bath Soaks 9 oz

Chemical free, handmade organic ingredients are in each bottle for your skin’s wellness. These therapeutic blends aid in relieving stress and soothing irritated and dry skin.

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More organic blends​

  • Tea Baths

  • Lip Balms

  • Household cleaners

Organic Body Washes 16 oz

Our organic handmade body washes are toxin free and perfect for leaving your skin feeling silky and moisturized while the poppy seed exfoliant washes away dry skin. They are blended with herbal tea, plant oils, essential oils, honey and bees wax.

Organic Linen & Body Sprays 8 oz

Chemical free alternative to perfume and linen sprays. Our aromatherapy blends act as insect repellents, pet spray (select oil blends), body spray and air freshener. These organic sprays are non-toxic and can be used on skin, clothes, pets and children.

Organic Salt & Sugar Polishes 9 oz

Pamper your skin with the gentle touch of our salt and sugar scrubs. Made with organic fair trade sugar or salt and blended with organic natural oils, organic essential oils, and herbal tea. Our scrubs will leave your skin soft and silky.

Organic Handmade Soaps

All of our toxin free soaps are made with organic and high quality natural essential oils, plant oils, herbs and spices for their therapeutic and aromatherapy properties. The natural components will gently exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and smooth.

Wickless Candles

Set of 6

Enjoy the aromatherapy of our organic soy wickless candles. We use high quality, organic, chemical free oils that burn clean and long.

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