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June-August 2017

Spiritual Energy Readings 

Spiritual Energy readings guide you in clarity, releases blocks and provides an understanding of where you are in order to move forward. We all have energy and energy fields that can promote our success or block us from living our purpose or passion. As an empath I am able to "see" energy fields and connect with spirit guides and the spirit world in order to help individuals find clarity and move forward. Many times clients will ask me about a specific area of their life and other areas will show up during a reading because the spirit world knows what we need in that moment of our lives in the physical world. We are offering energy readings with 1 free energy healing session for $35 for the months of June, July and August. Each reading is roughly 30-45 minutes followed by a 15 minute session of energy healing. This is done over the phone. Call  407-247-4569 or email me at arianne.ortiz@greenelementwellness.com to schedule your session. 

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October 2016

The Ultimate Mommy Meetup

The Ultimate Mommy Meetup! 


Join us in the Ultimate Mommy Meetup for learning, relaxing, and connecting with other moms who are looking to add alternative solutions to their day! 

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