Why Beeswax?

With all this buzz, no pun intended, surrounding saving honey bees, many believe it is solely due to animal rights or lack thereof. Yes, all animals should be protected, there is more to it that is beneficial for overall health and wellness. Honey bees are one of many pollinators and without them mostmplants cannot produce seeds and fruits; thus removing a healthy food source for humans and many animals. They are the only species who can make honey and beeswax. Honey is a healthy alternative to processed sugars, natural healthy energy booster, a natural antibiotic for skin care, especially for wounds and burns, and is an effective way to help alleviate allergies. Beeswax is the wax that is formed from honey bees which they produce to build and secure their combs. Beeswax holds a plethora of health benefits one being a skin protectant. Beeswax, when used in body butters, lotions, soaps to name a few, provides a layer of skin protection against UV rays and many unwanted irritants. It is effective in softening the skin while providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. Next time you decided to remove outdoor foliage or add some to your outdoor space remember all the healthy benefits we reap from those little bees we so often want to get rid of. Without them we lose food sources, natural antibiotics, natural skin protection and many more!

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