This Momma's Tired

Every morning I am up by 5am, usually earlier, walking the dogs, feeding the dogs, cleaning the kitty box, feeding the cats, getting reading to walk out the door for my morning exercise at the pool only to rush home and get ready for work. Many times I miss the school notices of event disappointing my kids only to come home to walking the dogs, feeding the dogs, doing homework with the kids, feeding the kids, catching up on work, and juggling being exhausted, working on my business, and spending quality time with my kids. Somewhere in there I figure out quality time for my husband and self. I decided to take control and set a priority list, guess what? Yep you guessed it, my priority list was kids, pets, work, my business, my health, my marriage. All these important relationships and work are my priority yet I physically cannot give everything 100% and they all deserve it. So where do I go from here? Well most days I have a beautiful nicely written to-do-list in my head, and sometimes on paper, yet the day never provides the same picture. I complain, I get frustrated and even have moments where I just want to cry while hiding in a cave until a miracle happens. I day dream that everything is done on my list while I relax on a beach soaking in the music of the ocean; let’s get back to reality. How do we make our busy lives less busy? How do we stop giving from our cup? Well I haven’t figured it out completely but I will share my journey.

Arianne Cox-Ortiz

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