Saying Yes Saying No

No one ever told me being a mom, entrepreneur, wife, and full-time employee was going to be this hard. All they said was do what you love, follow your dreams, use your talent. All of that is great and supportive but what if your talents lack a business sense, time, energy? Maybe your talent lacks marketing, or spreadsheets full of numbers that mean yay, great, good job, you are no longer in the negative or oh no, that’s not good you are too much in the negative. Working long hours to complete what seems like five minutes of work when it was planned out in my head, juggling kids, a full time job, animals, a house full of laundry, dishes, puppies, kittens, saying yes saying no seemed impossible. How to say no is very simple, first you must open your mouth then the word NO must come out. Saying yes is just as simple and for every yes there is a no. You have to say no to something in order to commit to a yes. What does that yes look like in terms of building your passion into your business? What must you give up to get that yes and what must you say no to in order to have balance? Ask yourself these questions every time you need to commit “what am I saying yes to” “what am I saying no to” “do I have enough in my cup to say yes” and finally “do I want to say yes”. It is important to give from your overflowing cup of energy than your half-filled cup. A half-filled cup will only get you so far before it empties. Another important aspect is do you want to say yes. If you want to say no then do so it’s that simple. Create balance that is unique to you and stop comparing yourself to others. You are not them, they are not you and most likely you are seeing years of hard work that has paid off not the struggles, exhaustion, and hard work they endured in the process. Take a deep breath, ask yourself what it is you want and take the first step.

Arianne Ortiz

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