Outdoor Freshness Without the Pests!

Many of us want to enjoy the outdoors after coming out of hibernation from a chilling winter without the insects flying around waiting to attack. While insects serve a purpose that is much needed for our environment to have a healthy balance, it is vital we do not apply pesticides to prevent them from infiltrated outdoor shared space. There are many ways to repel insects while enjoying the outdoors. We all know Citronella is the go to when we think of natural insect repellents however there is an array of plants that act as an excellent repellent while adding flavor to your foods or beauty and fragrance to your outdoor and indoor space.

Mint is not only a great aromatherapy it also repels mice and ants. It is easy to grow and will rapidly take over as the mint plant is a runner. If you want to contain it simply put it in a pot or plant it and let it run! You can always snip as needed to make tea or add to your favorite dish.

Lemongrass is another favorite that can easily be grown in a pot or in the ground. It is effective in repelling bees and mosquitoes. Lemongrass has a nice citrus flavor and generally will entice your cat to chew on the leaves.

Want to avoid flies? Try to add Basil to your herb garden. Basil is great in cooking and can be grown indoors and outdoors. Add a few pots of basil to your outdoor space and in your home to avoid those annoying flies from joining in your fun.

Geraniums are great at repelling bugs. Line your patio or walk-way with a few geranium plants and watch those bugs move to another location! Geraniums are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Who likes roaches!?! I am pretty sure not many so add Bay Leaves to your indoor or outdoor garden and you will not have a roach problem. Bay Leaves are a great addition to your favorite meal.

For those who have pets, Daisies are not only pretty they also repel ticks, fleas, bedbugs, roaches, silverfish, and lice to name a few. Add Daisies around your home as a beautiful accent and your pets will love you for the added care!

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