Lemons; More than Just One Use

Lemons; More than Just One Use

With every day comes a deeper awareness in holistic remedies. Understanding plants and how they heal is a vital component in removing chemicals and toxins from our environment to aid in living a healthier life and living in a healthier environment. There are thousands of plants with powerful healing properties and lemon is one of them you may want to add to your farmacy.

Why lemon essential oil?

Lemons are highly acidic therefore a great alternative in promoting a balanced pH in the body as they are alkaline-forming on the body. The essential oil from lemons are just as beneficial to the body and environment. Lemon essential oil acts as an astringent and detoxifies the skin aiding in removing excess oil, acne, and skin blemishes. Just say no to wrinkles, that’s right! Lemon essential oil is used in many organic skin care treatments due to its capability of repairing and strengthening skin elasticity combating wrinkles. This all around plant doesn’t stop here. Give your hair the shin and strength it deserves by adding this to your hair care regiment. Lemon essential oil enhances your hair by adding extra shine and strengthening each strand for your hair to look and feel great in an environment full of toxins.

This plant keeps on giving!

Cleaning your home with chemicals? Well you do not have to. Lemons are a powerhouse disinfectant making it a great go to when cleaning your home. Add lemon juice to distilled water for an all-purpose chemical free cleaner for all hard surfaces in your home environment.

Freshly squeezed lemon in your water helps to detox the body, curb appetite, and support the immune system. Whether it is weight loss, daily detox, or simply helping your immune system be sure to keep a bag of lemons hanging around.

Arianne Ortiz

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