Is Meditation Really Beneficial?

Is meditation really beneficial?

In a world full of non-stop movement, priority lists, thinking about what you are going to make for dinner while holding a management meeting and the list goes on, we are inclined to hit the robot switch and hope that the batteries do not run out. How do we combat such robotic thoughtless movements? Mediation for one. Meditation has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. Meditation is commonly known to reduce stress however there is a laundry list of known health benefits when meditation is practiced.
Meditation reduces stress hormones that are released during stressful moments we encounter; epinephrine is one of the major stress hormones that are reduced during meditation. The reduction of stress hormones has a ripple effect on the body; less stress promotes healthy cholesterol, low blood pressure, and healthy sleep patterns; these are a few worth noting. Meditation is known to be beneficial on heart health by lowering the heart rate and enhancing blood flow. With stress being one of the major causes of heart attacks reducing stress is vital in heart health.
Beat the winter blues my adding meditation to your daily farmacy dose! Meditation has been the go to for increasing immune systems therefore combating colds, flus, and many unwanted germs and diseases. The added benefit of grounding through meditation aids in creating a healthy emotions.
Many studies show that by meditating for just 23 minutes a day one may except to see many of the health benefits within 8 weeks. Next time you go for the pharmacy ask yourself if you can grab a dose of meditation in your farmacy cabinet.

Arianne Ortiz-Energy Healer and Holistic Consultant

*always consult a healthcare professional*

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