Detoxing our Bodies of All the Crap!

Detoxing our Bodies of All the Crap!

Toxins, toxins, toxins everywhere!! This is the sad truth about our environment making it important to detox your body of toxins that you come across knowingly and unknowingly. According to Environmental Working Group, newborns are born with 287 known toxins in the umbilical cord blood. With well over 6 billion pounds of toxins in our environment each year imagine how many we are exposed to on a daily basis…pretty scary!

Many practitioners, holistic and main stream, recommend that we do a cleanse monthly for a day or two by eating nothing but high alkalizing foods which are fresh fruits and veggies and staying away from processed foods, sugars, caffeine, refined foods, and animal products. To optimize your health it is recommended to eat a well-balanced whole foods diet and stay away from processed, refined, sugar foods. Our bodies were not meant for junk as fuel. The liver has a daily washing cycle aiding in detoxing the body. The liver secretes glutathione peroxidase, a powerhouse antioxidant that builds the immune system and detoxifies the body. The liver’s wash cycle is most active at night so if you are a night eater think twice! Using a good herbal cleanse every 3 months can be helpful in keeping your body healthy and happy as the toxins are removed. Then more toxins we carry around in our bodies the higher risk we become for many environmental/lifestyle diseases.

What herbal cleanse is best for you?

It is always best to ask your healthcare provider. There are many herbal cleansers you can purchase with step-by-step instructions or you can do a juice cleanser if you have time to juice during the cleansing phase. From total body cleansers to colon cleansers read the process and what is in the cleansers to make sure it is a right fit for you.

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