Cosmetic Poison

Once upon a time I bought into all the cosmetic deceit, ranging from make-up to hair care products and moisturizing lotions. Now, I have never been a red-carpet-ready girl, but I enjoy sugar scrubs, the smell of Egyptian musk, clean skin and shiny hair. As I made my way back to my earthy roots I learned there is so much chemical, excuse my English, crap in the bath and body products we put on our skin everyday… EVERYDAY! With commercials promising younger skin, thicker hair, cellulite removal, longer lashes, fuller lips and everything in between, getting caught up in photo shopped bombshells paid to make women think they too can look 19; 5’9”; with a 34DD bra size and 120 pounds of flawless can be alluring. I’ve got to hand it to the marketing teams; you’ve nailed how make grown women cry and teenage girls feel less-than their already beautiful selves all while running to plunk down ridiculous amounts of money to buy your chemical infested façade.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many naturally beautiful ladies that fit the description above, so please pay attention to the word natural in this sentence. And I like to get all dolled up from time to time just like the next girl, so this is not about going bra-less, barefoot and hairy (however, if that’s your thing, then more power to you. Go girl power!). This is about the benefits of using organic plant and essential oils on your body and hair. It’s about throwing out the chemicals and feeding your body with the good stuff from the outside. It’s about shattering the idea that what is made in a lab and many cases tested on animals, is good for our bodies. That is just an ugly a lie.

You might be wondering why cosmetic companies would lie to you? Why they would make products that contain harmful chemicals and then let you bathe your children in them; simple, because they can. Oh and they make a lot of money doing it! The cosmetic industry is highly unregulated and what’s even more appalling (other than many companies testing on animals) is that these companies have complete freedom to use thousands of raw materials and ingredients without any regulation, review or approval from any regulatory agency; government or otherwise.

These synthetic chemicals are found in so many of the cosmetic brands that are purchase daily. Now, I will not mention any specific brands, but I urge you to go check the labels on your beauty products in your bathroom, go ahead… I’ll wait. OK, now how many of the ingredients can you pronounce? How many of those ingredients do you need to look up to know exactly what they are? Do you know how many are skin irritants that interfere with your hormone system, cause liver/kidney/lung damage, have negative effects on the immune system or are carcinogens? Here is a list of common chemicals used to “beautify” you while polluting your body.

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