Bergamot...Because Your Skin is Worth It

Bergamot…Because your skin is worth it!

Do you have bergamot blends in your bathroom? If not you should because your skin is worth it. Bergamot is from the citrus family holding many therapeutic benefits for your health and wellness. It is commonly found in black tea and perfumes due to it's medicinal and aromatherapy properties. Bergamot essential oil is known to reduce the feeling of pain; when blended in body butters, lotions, and polishes one can take in the health benefit of pain reduction and relaxation as it acts as a sedative to relax the body while combating stress, depression, anxiety and nervous tension. This is just the tip of the many therapeutic benefits found in bergamot. This go to oil enhances blood circulation creating healthier looking skin and improving oxygen flow throughout the body. Scars, acne marks and more no longer need to take over your skin’s image. Bergamot is an excellent oil to reduce scaring due to injury, acne and other skin irritants. Exhausted from the daily grind of work, school, kids, family, pets, cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping? Splash a bergamot body spray blend on you throughout the day to relax and stay calm during the stress of daily life.

Arianne Ortiz Co-Owner Earth's Farmacy & Green Element Wellness


Bergamot blend body polish

Adding bergamot blends to your daily routine will enhance your skin’s health. Next time you purchase skin care remember bergamot and don’t forget to stay chemical free your skin will thank you!

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